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Rich Castro

Extracted (Book 1)

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Grab it with book two in the Anasius Trilogy for £14.99 here

“He took out his phone and started sending a message. There was a jolt of electricity. Trey was extracted.”

Fifteen-year-old Trey has just moved to England from America. Struggling to fit in with his new life, everything changes when he is extracted to Anasius, an alternate world on the brink of war.

In this new world, Trey and his friends find themselves pulled into a web of torture, betrayal and death. Facing the terrors and traumas of a one-sided war, there appears to be little hope.

When tragedy strikes back home too, the group are forced to put their horror and haunting emptiness aside, and work together to summon the courage to fight – can life be drawn from the crucible of death?

Selected Endorsements

“Rich Castro has taken the friendships, fears and frustrations of teenage life and crafted a high-octane fantasy adventure that demonstrates why underestimating the talents and tenacity of young people is rarely a good idea.”

Peter Andrews, Resources Manager, Urban Saints

About the Author

Rich Castro has taught at some of the most prestigious schools in the UK for the last two decades. He is the author of biblical commentaries and holds an MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary. This is his first novel.

Key Features

  • First novel in an exciting, brand new trilogy for YA readers

  • Explores themes of loss, grief and forgiveness

  • Gripping fantasy/adventure tale reminiscent of C.S. Lewis' fiction

Product Info

ISBN: 978-1-8381883-4-4

Pages: 416

Ages: Teenage and Young Adult, 12 - 16

Trim: Paperback

Publication Date: November 2021

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"As a reader, I’ll confess that this isn’t my go-to genre, but I’m so glad I gave this one a try..."