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Reformation Lightning

The Smoke Charmer's Tale

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Like all Lantyns in the ethereal Grey Realm, young Lady Ada has glass skin. Yearning for the lost inner brilliance her people once possessed, Ada places her trust in the enigmatic, unseen dragons.

Everything changes for Ada when she stumbles upon an ancient relic, the Light Lore, and uncovers a startling secret about her new maid, Iris. Could Iris be one of the dangerous Burning Hearts, gifted with the coveted ability to shine?

As a treasonous plot unravels around her, Ada strives to untangle the truth before the dragons and the formidable Lord Saupa close in for good…

About the Author

Rosannah Killian is a podiatrist and loves music, painting, cooking, and writing. The Smoke Charmer’s Tale is her debut novel.

Key features

  • First novel in an exciting, brand new series for YA readers

    • A spellbinding biblical allegory

    Product Info

    ISBN: 9781916669017

    Pages: 256

    Ages: Teenage and Young Adult, 12 - 16

    Trim: Paperback

    Publication Date: November 2023

    What do readers think?

    "As a reader, I’ll confess that this isn’t my go-to genre, but I’m so glad I gave this one a try..."